We provide 100% DDOS protection under the TCP protocol for all of the Layer 1-2-3 attacks at the limits set in all packages purchased from our company. However, as with the TCP protocol in the UDP protocol, the traffic does not occur, the application you will use is related to the UDP protocol if you need to contact our technical team. According to the working structure of your application, our company will provide you with alternative solutions.


If DDOS attacks on your application or sites cannot be solved with the existing protection system, i.e. if there are no packet disturbances in incoming attacks, or if you receive an attack that can bypass the system to a minimum layer of layer4, you are faced with an attack called a botnet. In this case, the DDoS protection device and its applications will be inadequate. At this point you need an application firewall. Our company uses an application database for thousands of applications, using the most advanced and systems. So we protect your sites and applications with more than 10 years of experience in attack types that can bypass DDOS protection. If you need help with this please contact our technical team.