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Linux Başlangıç

Başlangıç için.

₺44.00 Monthly
₺132.00 Quarterly
₺264.00 Semi-Annually
₺528.00 Annually
₺-1.00 Biennially
₺-1.00 Triennially
  • 1 Site Barındırma
  • 1 GB Disk Alanı
  • 25 GB Aylık Trafik
  • 1 Adet MySQL Veri Tabanı
  • 5 Adet E-Posta Hesabı
  • 2 Adet Alt Alan Adı
  • Directadmin Kontrol Paneli
  • Türkiye Lokasyon

Linux Standart


₺52.00 Monthly
₺156.00 Quarterly
₺312.00 Semi-Annually
₺624.00 Annually
₺-1.00 Biennially
₺-1.00 Triennially
  • 3 Site Barındırma
  • 2 GB Disk Alanı
  • 35 GB Aylık Trafik
  • 5 Adet MySQL Veri Tabanı
  • 10 Adet E-Posta Hesabı
  • 5 Adet Alt Alan Adı
  • Directadmin Kontrol Paneli
  • Türkiye Lokasyon

Linux Uzman

İdeal paket.

₺69.14 Monthly
₺207.43 Quarterly
₺414.86 Semi-Annually
₺829.71 Annually
₺-1.00 Biennially
₺-1.00 Triennially
  • 10 Site Barındırma
  • 5 GB Disk Alanı
  • Limitsiz Aylık Trafik
  • 10 Adet MySQL Veri Tabanı
  • 50 Adet E-Posta Hesabı
  • 10 Adet Alt Alan Adı
  • Directadmin Kontrol Paneli
  • Türkiye Lokasyon

Linux Profesyonel

Profesyöneller için.

₺121.14 Monthly
₺363.43 Quarterly
₺726.86 Semi-Annually
₺1453.71 Annually
₺-1.00 Biennially
₺-1.00 Triennially
  • Limitsiz Site Barındırma
  • Limitsiz Disk Alanı
  • Limitsiz Aylık Trafik
  • Limitsiz MySQL Veri Tabanı
  • Limitsiz E-Posta Hesabı
  • Limitsiz Alt Alan Adı
  • Directadmin Kontrol Paneli
  • Türkiye Lokasyon
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DirectAdmin Common Features

EMail That Doesn't Get Into Spam

EMail That Doesn't Get Into Spam

Thanks to the SmartHost enhanced Antispam Gateway used on all our Mail servers, the messages you send are delivered safely and never go to the recipient's spam folder.

Instant Activation

Instant Activation

When you pay with your credit card, your services are automatically activated instantly. Your information will be sent to you by email after activation.

Litespeed Web Server

Litespeed Web Server

As with our hosting servers, our DirectAdmin reseller hosting servers are powered by the LiteSpeed Web server, which is 100% compatible with Apache and has 10 times higher performance than it.

User Friendly Interface

With the advanced Directadmin system, you can create a panel independent from each customer in your Reseller panel and manage your customers' transactions only by you.

User Accounts

You can manage your customers accounts by creating them quickly and practically. You can also create custom packages for your customers and create an independent pricing policy.

Cloudlinux CageFS

With Cloudlinux, you can provide customized web hosting services for all your customers without having access to each other's files. You can set the sources.

Config Exploit Scanner (CXS)

All of our servers have licensed CXS, a malware detection system that is provided as a standard service. This allows you to avoid hacker attacks and be protected by high-level security measures.


Scalable Usage

You can set the right of resource you want with the Cloudlinux to the sites and use them within the scope of these limits.

Advanced Backup

In the advanced backup interface of the DirectAdmin panel, you can regularly back up and archive your data.

Linux Başlangıç
Linux Standart
Linux Uzman
Linux Profesyonel
Promosyonsuz Ücret 35.70₺ ₺44.00 Per month 55.20₺ ₺52.00 Per month 72.45₺ ₺69.14 Per month 86.49₺ ₺121.14 Per month
Temel Özellikler
Disk Kotasi 1 GB 2 GB 5 GB Limitsiz
Aylık Bandwith 25 GB 35 GB Limitsiz Limitsiz
FTP Hesabı 1 10 20 Limitsiz
E-Posta Hesabı 5 10 50 Limitsiz
Veritabanı 1 5 10 Limitsiz
Özel IP Desteği Opsiyonel Opsiyonel Opsiyonel Opsiyonel
Alt Alan Adı (Subdomain) 2 5 10 Limitsiz
Parked Domains 1 3 10 Limitsiz
Inode Limiti * 100.000 100.000 100.000 100.000
PHP Versiyonu Opsiyonel Opsiyonel Opsiyonel Opsiyonel
Maksimum CPU %25 %25 %25 %25
Maksimum Ram 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB 1 GB
E-Posta Özellikleri
E-Posta Alias (Eş E-Posta)
E-Posta Yönlendirme
Saatlik Gönderim Limiti Saatte 120 E-Posta Saatte 120 E-Posta Saatte 120 E-Posta Saatte 120 E-Posta
Otomatik Yanıtlayıcı
Webmail Erişimi
Spam Filtresi
Antivirüs Hizmeti
Veritabanı Özellikleri
MySQL Veritabanı Limitsiz Limitsiz Limitsiz Limitsiz
MySQL Boyutu Limitsiz Limitsiz Limitsiz Limitsiz
phpMyAdmin Desteği
MySQL Sürümü MariaDB 10.1 MariaDB 10.1 MariaDB 10.1 MariaDB 10.1
Teknik Özellikler
Bulut alt yapısı Güvenli, Hızlı ve Yedekli bulut alt yapılı sunucular.
EMC Storage EMC Storage ile yüksek okuma yazma performansı ve yüksek veri güvenliği sağlamaktadır.
DirectAdmin kontrol paneli En uygun fiyatlı hosting kontrol panelidir. Linux sunucularda kullanılır.
Litespeed web server Apache web server'a göre %50 daha performanslı Litespeed web sunucusu kullanılmaktadır
Php versiyon değişikliği Kontrol panelinizden anında istediğiniz versiyona geçiş yapabileceğiniz Php selector özelliği.
İçerik Yönetim Sistemleri Tek tıkla 250 den fazla CMS sistemini anında kolay şekilde kurabilirsiniz.
Ücretsiz SSL Let’s Encrypt™ ile sitelerinizi güvenli şekilde çalıştırabilirsiniz. (Opsiyonel)
Virus Koruması Malware, backdoor, shell koruması tüm sistem için aktif olarak çalışmaktadır.
Sectigo Waf rule set Rul set ile sql injection, brute force tarzındaki atakları anında yakalayıp engellemektedir.
CageFS kafes sistemi CageFS sanal kafes sistemi ile kullanıcı alan ve yetkileri birbirinden izole edilmiştir.
CSF (ConfigServer Securty & Firewall) Port güvenliği sağlar ve SYN_RECV ataklarını engeller.
CXS Yapılan tanımlamalara uygun olarak güvenlik riski yaratan hertürlü dosya veya isteği engeller.
Mod security Bilinen bütün sql injection, shellcode, cookie analizi açıklarından yada potansiyel açık oluşturabilecek injection açıklarından korur.
Pasif Eklentiler shell_exec,symlink,restore_ini,hopenbasedir,f_open,system,dl,passthru,cat ... (Tümünü Gör)exec,popen,proc_close,proc_get_status,proc_nice,proc_open,escapeshellcmd,escapeshellarg,show_source,posix_mkfifo,mysql_list_dbs,get_current_user,getmyuid,pconnect,link,symlink,pcntl_exec,leak,apache_child_terminate,posix_kill,posix_setpgid,posix_setsid,posix_setuid,proc_terminate,syslog,fpassthru,socket_select,socket_create,socket_create_listen,socket_create_pair,socket_listen,socket_accept,socket_bind,foreach,socket_strerror,pcntl_fork,pcntl_signal,pcntl_waitpid,pcntl_wexitstatus,pcntl_wifexited,pcntl_wifsignaled,pcntl_wifstopped,pcntl_wstopsig,pcntl_wtermsig,openlog,apache_get_modules,apache_get_version,apache_getenv,apache_note,apache_setenv,virtual,mail,phpmail
Aylık Ücret 35.70₺ ₺44.00 Per month 55.20₺ ₺52.00 Per month 72.45₺ ₺69.14 Per month 86.49₺ ₺121.14 Per month

Questions and Answers

Hosting is the service of hosting your web sites or web applications on servers running 24/7, with the components, hardware and internet infrastructure that enable users to access your web site. Hosting, website hosting service. If you want to set up a website, you must first register a domain name and purchase a hosting package according to your site needs.
If you do not know how to link your hosting to the domain name, you can get help from our technical support professionals. If you want to do this yourself, you can create SPDNet DNS or your own nameserver in the DNS settings section of your website's Administration panel. DNS changes are updated in 12/24 hours due to internet cache.
Setting up a website allows your target audience to find you more easily, you can market your products and services through your e-commerce site, and increase your sales and revenue. By opening a biography or CV site, you can make it easier for companies in your industry to find you. You can inspire thousands of people by posting your hobbies through your website. You can gain corporate prestige by making your email correspondence with a special email account for your company. By opening a blog site about your areas of expertise, you can create your personal brand and generate advertising income with content such as fashion, sports, technology, food, travel.
You can get help from our technical support team to transfer your sites or sites, servers or servers from another company to SPDNet.
Unlimited Hosting is a hosting service based on standard traffic usage and with a fair quota system. As long as the disk and web traffic spent on the server are in accordance with the general usage conditions, the quota exceeding fee is not reflected and your website will be active 24/7. Once the fair usage limits are reached, your website will not automatically close and you will be informed by our customer service to switch to more suitable packages for the limit spent.
You may host content that is in compliance with the laws of the Republic of Turkey, does not contain harmful content, does not contain content that is in compliance with copyright and our agreement, does not contain content that would harm other sites on the server on which it is located. The disk space provided with our Hosting service has to be only the content of the website itself. Other than this, it cannot be used for backup purposes or for file - video sharing.