Powerful Network Infrastructure

All dedicated server services are hosted in the Netdirekt Data Center, which has a 99.99% Network Uptime guarantee. This guaranteed service is provided with simultaneous and redundant internet access from Türk Telekom, Turkcell Superonline, Vodafone, Cogent, Seabone and DE-CIX.

Quality products such as Brocade XMR/MLX and Juniper MX/EX are used as Network equipment. 4 x 10 Gb Türk Telekom , 2 x 10 Gb Turkcell Superonline and 2 x 10 Gb private international internet access are backed up from different power stations of the data center and terminated.

The Brocade XMR router, where Internet access is terminated, supports 3.2 Tb of traffic and 2 billion PPS packets. With redundant Juniper EX series switches, internet outputs of servers are provided.


SPDNet sahip olduğu network ekipmanlarını ve sunucu donanımlarını Netdirekt Veri Merkezi’nde barındırmaktadır. SPDNet, sahip olduğu kuvvetli alt yapısı ve 10 yılı aşkın tecrübesi ile veri merkezinin vermiş olduğu %99,9 oranında “uptime” garantisi sunar.

24/7 monitoring and support

Our data center has workspaces that are suitable for our customers 24/7, where you can consistently reach the Data Center and do your physical work. 24/7 monitoring and support: our data centers and Network systems are monitored and recorded 24/7. You can call our call center for all your support requests and request support for your needs.

Possible problems are identified and solved as soon as possible thanks to our monitoring systems.

Uninterrupted Internet Access

Our data center network equipment of Turkey's best NETDIREKT ourselves with all the infrastructure and datacenter services we provide ourselves with our own server hardware. Netdirekt Network infrastructure has the best data center infrastructure in our country. With an active 80 Gbit usage rate, we provide unrivaled capacity and uninterrupted internet access. In addition to its access to Turk Telekom via 2 different exchanges, Turkcell Superonline via 2 different exchanges, Vodafone provides redundant and uninterrupted access via its affiliated infrastructure with Interoute, Cogent and Level3 companies.

Infrastructure equipment can offer 1Gbit - 10 Gbit interface on the redundant network structure established on Juniper products.

Biggest Active Datacenter Areas

Datacenter was established in Bornova İsıkkent, one of the most strategic regions of Izmir in 2009. The most important feature of the region is that it is an energy lowering center. Therefore, access to energy is the easiest and most problem free region in terms of energy problems. In addition, it is 60 meters high compared to İzmir Center. This is more suitable for use against potential flood disasters.

The entrance to the building is completely secure. The building, which is monitored/recorded 24/7 with electronic equipment, provides continuous security for our customers.

Datacenter and office security are independently recorded and monitored 24/7. 5 meters ceiling height, 50 CM raised floor with the efficiency Center in accordance with world standards.