%100 Ddos/Botnet Protected VDS-VPS Servers

%100 Ddos/Botnet Protected VDS-VPS Servers

Cloud Server

We have the most powerful and the fastest network of Turkey. All of our servers are equipped with INTEL XEON series and have high capacity of ram and disc. Our servers are partitioned with VMware ESX technology. With VMware vSphere ESXi 5, all physical hardware requirements that your server needs are fully met.

Turk Telekom and Superonline network as well as 10 Gbps active network usage and 99.99% network access continuity .. With Esxi infrastructure, you can access instantly and monthly traffic stats. And with your customer panel you can access your control panel at BIOS level.

You can restart your customer panel from your VDS server, or switch it back on or off when you close it. You can instantly edit the reverse name entries of your IP addresses, and even if you do not have the internet connection of your server, you can access it with vnc console. SPDNET allows you to have full control on your servers, including BIOS settings!

Light speed!

With our unique infrastructure and quality hardware we move your performance to the highest level with affordable prices, to ensure enjoy our services!

Full Management!

With the full access we provide you, you can configure your server as you like, and use it in any way to catch the quality...

Superior Support!

With quality, fast support and fast solutions, we prevent you from experiencing problems. For trouble-free service; choose SPDNET!


We provide 10gbps protection for Turkey traffic with a fee of an additional package, and with our Voxility protection we protect your servers up to 450 Gbps. Moreover, you can increase the quality of your VdS services with ssd and sata disk facilities!

PAKET CPU Ram Hard Disk Traffic Domestic Protection Foreign Protection Location Order
Cloud VDS 1 1 Core 512MB DDR3 30 GB 100 GB Standard Protection 450 Gbps TURKEY 10.00$ / MONTHLY ORDER NOW
Cloud VDS 2 1 Core 1 GB DDR3 30 GB 100 GB Standard Protection 450 Gbps TURKEY 18.0$ / MONTHLY ORDER NOW
Cloud VDS 3 1 Core 2 GB DDR3 40 GB 200 GB Standard Protection 450 Gbps TURKEY 28.00$ / MONTHLY ORDER NOW
Cloud VDS 4 2 Core 3 GB DDR3 50 GB 300 GB Standard Protection 450 Gbps TURKEY 35.00$ / MONTHLY ORDER NOW
Cloud VDS 5 2 Core 4 GB DDR3 60 GB 400 GB Standard Protection 450 Gbps TURKEY 48.00$ / MONTHLY ORDER NOW
Cloud VDS 6 4 Core 8 GB DDR3 100 GB 500 GB Standard Protection 450 Gbps TURKEY 70.00$ / MONTHLY ORDER NOW

SAS Raid Disk Structure

We use SAS Disks in all our servers. With the structure of Raid 10, we keep you in safe with both higher performance and high security.

cPanel - Litespeed

Cpanel, the world's most widely used control panel, is fully optimized with its Turkish language infrastructure. Our servers powered by LiteSpeed are performing at full performance.

Plesk + Windows Hosting

For your applications we offer windows hosting service With ASP, ASPX, .NET 3-4.5 and MsSQL 2012. With its Turkish interface and updated infrastructure, it works with full performance

Cloud Hosting Platform

All our servers are monitored instantly and in case of unexpected densities, by making resource transfers, your websites and emails are provided to work uninterrupted.

Redundant DNS Servers

With central redundant DNS infrastructure which was configured seperatedly from our Web servers, You will not experience on your servers any DNS problem.

Backup Service

You can benefit from backup service that comes with all servers provided by SPDNET optionally. To use this service, please contact us.

Anti-Spam Protection:

All your domains on our servers works optionally under Anti-Virus and Antispam protection. Please contact us for this service.

Domain Transfer

If you want to transfer your server that hosted on another hosting company, we transfer your servers at no cost up to 10 GB. For bigger transfer we move your servers with suitable prices.

7/24 Technical Support

With SPDNET Ticket System, you can get support 7/24 without interruption. We are sure that our response time will make you happy.

Customizable Structure

You can flexibly identify the amount of resources you need while configuring the server. Let us know if you want a different resource allocation.

Admin Panel

On your Admin Panel you can see real time traffic usage and if it is needed you can do restart, stop and start process on your own.

Server Migration

If you want to move your server from another hosting company to us, we do this transfer for you for free up to 10GB. For bigger transfers we charge low prices

The Name of Quality: SPDNET !

Datacenter Infrastructure

SPDNET provides his internet access, which has eight backup points, via Turk Telekom and Superonline, with 2X10 gbit Turk Telekom and 2X10 gbit Turkcell-Superonline. On the other hand, the internet connection of abroad is connected to the 2X10 Gbit Cogent via a backup connection. All of our juniper series network equipment which create the main backbone, are backed up. in accordance with demand of our customers the connection can provided with 100Mbit, 1Gbit or 10Gbit fiber ports via backup router.

Network & Energy

SpdNet provides its main domestic internet access via Turk Telekom and it is connected to Turk Telekom MPLS backbone from four backup point, from two different power plants with two different ring connection. All of our network equipment, which generate the main backbone, has a backup. On demands of our clients we are able to provide 1Gbit copper or fiber, 10Gbit and 40Gbit fiber port, dual router, or single router connection. For network security, our data center has different features of Firewall and IPS hardware. We are also able to produce special solutions in the hosting sector, with the network security systems developed by our r&d team.

24 Hour Active Support

You can contact us for Cloud servers via phone or support system ..

Firewall Packages

Are you under attack? Move to SPDNET, enjoy comfort!

Frequently asked Questions

To help you make the right decision, we've collected a list of the most frequently asked questions about the products and services listed on this page.

If you cannot find an answer to your problem or if you need more information about it, feel free to contact us at any time, we will be glad to help you.

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There are no hidden costs or setup fees. You will have our CLOUD VDS SERVERS with the prices that you have seen on our websites with legally required tax fees.
In Turkey and Germany locations, Our Cloud servers use VMware Enterprise Plus system, which is the industry leader of virtualization software.
SPD Clouds server solution is an architecture that designed with the professionality of DELL, on the basis of high performance and durability, that you can update its resource pools on your control panel instantly, when the needs of your project change.
In our Cloud serves Linux, Windows, BSD operating system are supported with their old and new versions.