• 99.9% Uptime Guarantee

  • Seamless Network Infrastructure

  • Cacti Traffic Monitoring


We offer Virtual Data Center service for high volume businesses through SpdNet Data Center. With this service that designed with Whitelabeling understanding , we provide a pool networking opportunity by establishing a private network within the data center. With this service, you can host multiple servers as a data center by paying only for a single connection, with the appropriate hosting costs per equipment.

In Virtual Data Center service, with SpdNet's active team 24/7, we offer services such as preparing your IP Blocks BGP announcements, customizing reverse records of IP addresses,monitoring your datacenter with cameras, customized labeling and inventory storage area.

Customizable Structure

You can flexibly identify the amount of resources you need while configuring the server. Let us know if you want a different resource allocation.

Admin Panel

On your Admin Panel you can see real time traffic usage and if it is needed you can do restart, stop and start process on your own.

Server Migration

If you want to move your server from another hosting company to us, we do this transfer for you for free up to 10GB. For bigger transfers we charge low prices


1 Cpu Sunucu Barındırma (Atx & Rack) 275 ₺
2 Cpu Sunucu Barındırma (Atx & Rack) 390 ₺
4 Cpu Sunucu Barındırma (Atx & Rack) 650 ₺

Ortak Özellikler

5000 GB Trafik 1 Gbps Bağlantı /29 IP Adresi 800 Gbps Yurtdışı Voxility Koruması SPDNET Destek Hizmeti Cacti Trafik İzleme

SPDNET Veri Merkezinde sunucunuz için rahat bir ortam sağlıyoruz.

99.99% Network Uptime Guarantee Redundant Juniper Router Switch Firewall infrastructure. 2x10 Gbit Redundant Turk Telekom, Superonline, Cogent network access All of our switches have a standard 1 Gbit connection port. Instant Cacti Monitoring service and reporting system. SPDNET provides server control as a part of support service. Ek 5000 GB Trafik 150 + KDV dir. For upgrading servers with 2u and upper rack, price is 20.00 TL + VAT for per U. The above prices do not include 18% K.D.V.

IP Adresi ve Diğer Ücretler:

Service MONTHLY Order Now
/29 IP (5 Kullanılabilir 8 Adet IP Adresi) 35 ₺
/28 IP (13 Kullanılabilir 16 Adet IP Adresi) 60 ₺
/27 IP (29 Kullanılabilir 32 Adet IP Adresi) 110 ₺
/26 IP (61 Kullanılabilir 64 Adet IP Adresi) 220 ₺
/25 IP (125 Kullanılabilir 128 Adet IP Adresi) 370 ₺
/24 IP (253 Kullanılabilir 256 Adet IP Adresi) 590 ₺
Extra 1 Gbps Port 32 ₺
10 Gbps Fiber Cable Uplink 64 ₺

Frequently asked Questions

To help you make the right decision, we've collected a list of the most frequently asked questions about the products and services listed on this page.

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Submit a Support Ticket
You can announce and use the IP addresses of your company in our data center. If you have the necessary equipment, you can announce your IP addresses by establishing the BGP neighborhood or you may make us announced them.
Yes, to locate as stock, you can have servers, server components and similar equipment free of charge in our data center, you can use them by contacting and requesting our technical team when you need it.
In accordance with the virtual data center contract, all physical operations are carried out by our technical team which provides active support 24/7.
By ordering SPDNET HELP PACK, you can get management service from our experted support team for the menagement of your router, switch or firewall. You can contact us for further information on this subject.