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High CPU Web Hosting

It is the rightest solution for your high CPU usage sites! With our VIP service, you can serve up to half a million visits per month without any problem. These systems, which comes with Linux and cpanel, are %100 compatible with Wordpress and many scripts and CMS systems

High Traffic Websites

Specially optimized servers for your High-Traffic Websites

Support System

Thanks to our support system, your sites are always safe

Up to 400% CPU

You can increase your CPU limit by up to 400% when system resources are insufficient for your website

VIP 200


1 Domain Name
Unlimited Disk Space*
Unlimited Monthly Traffic*
Unlimited MySQL Database*
Unlimited Email Account
Unlimited Subdomains**
Unlimited 100% CPU Limit*
Unlimited 100,000 IOPS Limit*
Turkey Location

VIP 300


1 Domain Name
Unlimited Disk Space*
Unlimited Monthly Traffic*
Unlimited MySQL Database*
Unlimited Email Account
Unlimited Subdomains**
Unlimited 200% CPU Limit*
Unlimited 200,000 IOPS Limit*
Turkey Location

VIP 400


1 Domain Name
Unlimited Disk Space*
Unlimited Monthly Traffic*
Unlimited MySQL Database*
Unlimited Email Account
Unlimited Subdomains**
Unlimited 300% CPU Limit*
Unlimited 300,000 IOPS Limit*
Turkey Location

VIP 500


1 Domain Name
Unlimited Disk Space*
Unlimited Monthly Traffic*
Unlimited MySQL Database*
Unlimited Email Account
Unlimited Subdomains**
Unlimited 400% CPU Limit*
Unlimited 400,000 IOPS Limit
Turkey Location


Internet is used by millions of people as a platform where unlimited data is kept together and it is not surprising that the data on the Internet is incalculable. When we look from this aspect, we can say that the Internet, as a storage element, can be regarded as a data center for humanity.

It is obvious that everyone knows that there are billions of data on the Internet. Then, to where all this data is stored? It is hosting , which is a service that is undertaken by corporate companies and enable the data be stored on the Internet. It is not possible to store your website on the Internet, you need to have a web server to host your site's data and to allow users to access it.

SPDNet provides high-quality hosting service to its customers with VIP Hosting packages, By purchasing these services you will have a privileged space on the internet for your individual or corporate projects and you will going on to benefit from the SPD privileges. VIP Web Hosting is a suitable solution, especially for users who have with high CPU usage websites.

The page speed of your website is extremely important in terms of search engine optimization. Being quickly loading websites, is an important function that can move your websites up in the search engine ranks. This situation also affects your users’ interest on your websites. With the VIP Hosting service that works in harmony with the internet infrastructure SPDNet is the right address for the success of your projects!

Why VIP Hosting?

SPDNet VIP Hosting is a great advantage to pass your competitors. With SPDNet it is possible to move your sites to a higher level in terms of both security and speed. With the VIP Web Hosting package that offers all exclusive services to you under an umbrella, move your investment on the internet to a higher quality

The right choice for your PHP based sites

You do not need to be an expert

You do not need to be an expert in order to have a website with your company name or your name. With the right solutions, you can get your domain name and you can have the emails and websites of your domain name right away. Our individual hosting packages are the best to start .

High performance

SSD Disk + next generation Intel Xeon E5 26xx series and top-level protection packages are offered to you with SPDNET privileges. Meet the quality of SPD.NET.TR by choosing among the packages offered to you with the newest technologies. In addition, DDoS protection and free 3 days automatic backup option is available.

One click installation with Softaculous

One click setup

You can set up a lot of PHP scripts like WordPress, Joomla, Magento for free with one click of SoftAculous, you can easily manage your installed scripts on Softaculous, and you can update your installed scripts from your panel, with a just one click.

Clean E-Mail Service

With SPD Antispam Gateway, your e-mails are delivered to receivers without any problem. As a part of our Antispam service, get rid of spam emails with SPD, Reverse DNS, RBL control services. SPD Antispam Gateway service is monitored with 7/24 monitor.

Backing up is now easier than ever

You can easily take backups of your sites, databases or emails in just a few steps. To do this, you can prefer using the manual backup feature from your cPanel, or you can use the advanced Backup Wizard, which allows you to save time.

We Move Your Website for Free

Moving from a server to a different server is a challenging process, DNS definitions, recreating of accounts, problems that occur during moving, can make the process more uncomfortable at any moment. We move the websites of clients who want to want to move the quality of SPDNET at no cost, and we make everything easier from the moment that we start the movement process.

Antispam & Anti-Virus Filters

All email accounts are under the protection of an advanced Antispam and Antivirus service and have high spam filtering capabilities. You can create white or black lists from your control panel.

Backing Up is very easy

You can easily take backups of your sites, databases or emails in just a few steps, you can choose the manual backup feature or use the advanced Backup Wizard, which allows you to save time.

Performance E-Mail Service

Every Email account has 250MB * 1 email quota and advanced spam filtering, and we know how important email is to your business.

General Terms and Conditions

  • For all our packages, the email quota per account is 250 MB, the email sending limit is up to 150 emails / hour, SPDNET has the right to change hourly submission limit.
  • Backups that made by the customer are hosted on the server for 15 days and then can be automatically removed by the system.
  • Packages cannot be used for purposes that are contrary to the concept of web hosting such as file sharing, data storage, backup.
  • Packages cannot be used for bulk / spam e-mail submissions, SPDNET can go restricting on hourly submissions when it is deemed necessary.
  • The customer is obliged to back up the data that he / she has, and our company cannot be held responsible for possible data loss.
  • There is no 100% data moving guarantee for our free site moving service.
  • Unlimited features are based on good intentions, and our goal is to make sure our customers use their packages in good faith without any limitations, so there is a CPU limit in packages. Monthly Good intention traffic limit is 50GB
  • Unless otherwise stated, the CPU usage limit in our packages is 25% of a CPU core, It can increase up to 50% in certain packages.
  • may periodically monitor resource usage (CPU, The number/size of files, MySQL, MSSQL, Traffic, Disk usage, etc.) and may request customer to reduce his/her resources. When the packet limits or good faith usage guidelines are exceeded, system can automatically carry out processes like stopping, redirecting to a specific page or restricting.
  • SPDNET can change IP, server and infrastructure of active packages without informing the user when necessary, regardless of criteria such as resource usage or server performance.
  • has the right to terminate and cancel the service at any time without reason.
  • SPDNET reserves the right to make changes in hosting packages and in the terms and conditions affecting these packages and in all other aspects.

Unaccepted Content

The following sites / content are not allowed to be hosted on our servers

    • Toplist Sites
    • IRC Scripts / Bots
    • IRCD (IRC Servers)
    • Proxy Scripts / Anonymizers
    • Picture Scripts (like Photobucket or Tinypic)
    • Auto Surfing / PTC / PTS / PPC Sites
    • IP Scanners
    • Bruteforce Programs / Scripts / Applications
    • E-Mail Bombers / Spam Scripts
    • Banner Conversion Networks (Commercial banner conversion sites)
    • File Upload / Mirror Scripts (like Rapidshare, Hotfile)
    • Commercial Audio / Radio broadcast sites
    • Attachment/ Bank debt securities
    • High interest programs (HYIP) or related sites
    • Investment sites (FOREX, E-gold exchange, Second Life / Linden Exchange, Ponzi, MLM / Saadet Chain)
    • Not having the necessary permits for the sale of materials controlled by the State
    • High interest banking programs
    • Lotto / Gambling Sites
    • MUDs / RPGs / PBBGs
    • Hack oriented sites / archives / programs
    • Sites that promote illegal activities
    • Forums or other internet sites that distribute or link warez / pirate / illegal content
    • Bank debt securities and exchange programs of these securities
    • Fake Sites (including but not limited to those specified at
    • Mailer Pro
    • Publication of live sporting events (UFC, NASCAR, FIFA, NFL, MLB, NBA, WWE, WWF etc.)
    • Auto send to friends software
    • Anonymous or bulk SMS sending applications
    • Bitcoin Mines
    • PayDay Debt sites (programs related to PayDay debt or debt)
    • Child pornography:
      All other content, including child pornography, potentially harmful to children and infants, is strictly prohibited, and any website containing child pornography or links will be immediately terminated without notice.